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          Lia Mills was twelve years old when the death threats began. First, the threats were against her. Then against her family. All she needed to do to make them stop was to remain silent.

          Truthfully, activism had never been part of Lia’s plan for the future. As a grade seven student, her biggest goals in life revolved around getting good grades and winning school competitions. But when she wrote a speech about human rights for English class, what started as a simple school assignment rapidly became a viral video sensation.

          All of the sudden, quite accidentally, Lia found herself in the centre of perhaps the most controversial debate in the 21st century. And while she never intended on becoming an activist, Lia experienced firsthand the opposition that comes with standing up for the truth.

          Now, seven years later, Lia is speaking out. Filled with personality, compassion, and humour, this book recounts the stunning journey of Lia Mills from her time as a naïve YouTube sensation to her life now as a passionate human rights activist.


     Lia Mills first stepped onto the stage of activism at the age of twelve, when a video of her presenting a speech about abortion went viral on YouTube. Since then, Lia has continued being a voice for the voiceless, expanding her passion for social justice to include topics like euthanasia and human trafficking, in addition to abortion.

     Lia is undeterred in her goal to make abortion both unnecessary and unthinkable. Young, fiery, and passionate, twenty-four-year-old 

Lia Mills is an inspiration to all. Her life story proves that even the most unqualified, if they are simply willing, can make a difference in this world.



     This is the inspiring story of a young girl who put everything on the line to advocate on behalf of society's most vulnerable -- preborn children in danger of abortion.

     Lia’s wisdom is beyond her young years, and her gift of persuasion and compassionate heart shine through this book.

     Her message of the rights and dignity of every life is one that everyone needs to hear.

Lila Rose


Founder and President of Live Action 

International Activist & Public Speaker

     Lia Mills is a courageous young woman who has illustrated, by her very life, the importance of prayer, of following the promptings of the Holy Spirit, and of doing the right thing even when we are afraid.

     By raising her voice for pre-born children and their moms, she is truly loving 'the least of these.'

Stephanie Gray


Author, "Love Unleashes Life: Abortion & the Art of Communicating Truth"

     Lia Mills is an outstanding young adult leader emerging in this generation as a voice of truth, justice and abandonment to what really matters in life.

     Lia's work is a reflection of her

passion. Readers will

be envisioned and called to action.

     Lia reminds us that every voice counts.

Patricia Bootsma

Co-Lead Pastor of Catch the Fire Toronto Airport Campus


Director of Catch the Fire House of Prayer


Director of the Ontario Prophetic Counsel 


Author and Speaker

     I admire Lia very much for her dedication to the pro-life cause and her involvement from a very young age.

     Her examples sends a powerful message to an under-estimated generation: You're not too young to be part of the solution."

Jonathon Van Maren

Communications Director, Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform


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